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Tummy Tuck Facts and FAQs in Charlotte, NC

While women account for the majority of patients who undergo tummy tucks, the procedure is gaining popularity among men as well. Tummy tucks can help with loose skin and excess fat that result from significant weight loss, something that both men and women experience. 

How much skin and fat is removed during a tummy tuck? 

The goal of a tummy tuck is to remove only the amount of skin and fat that is required to give the best results. While removing too little can leave you feeling unhappy about the results, removing too much can affect your body’s ability to heal properly. Dr. Platt considers several factors when determining how much tissue to remove. 

Do I have to stay overnight in the hospital after my tummy tuck? 

You may need to stay overnight in our facility after your tummy tuck. We will advise you about your post-surgical recovery and care during your consultation appointment. 

How large is the scar from a tummy tuck? 

The incision for a tummy tuck typically is placed below the bikini line  and can be very short or extend laterally to the each hip depending on the patient. Complete healing typically takes one year, at which point the appearance of your scar is influenced by your skin type, ethnicity, and other factors. Dr. Platt can provide information about what to expect with your individual tummy tuck scar. 

Will I lose weight as a result of my tummy tuck? 

Although skin and fat are removed during a tummy tuck procedure, it is not a method of weight loss. You should be in good general health and maintain an appropriate weight for your body style prior to undergoing a tummy tuck.

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