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The FineLift™ in Charlotte, NC

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The Refine Institute offers The FineLift™ to the residents of Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding communities in North Carolina and South Carolina.

“Non-invasive, laser-based technologies have made the concept of a non-surgical facelift a reality.”

– The Refine Institute

Thanks to modern advances, there are many non-surgical alternatives to the traditional facelift. In fact, a combination of these less-invasive technologies can be used to achieve similar dramatic results. For example, Smart Lipo™ uses an internal laser to remove fat and tighten the neckline. Used in combination with SmartLipo™, state-of-the-art skin resurfacing is achieved with SmartXide DOT™ therapy. This addresses wrinkles and overall skin texture, including tightening the skin around the eyes in lieu of a blepharoplasty. Additional treatments include fillers, which restore lost facial volume; Botox®, which relaxes facial musculature that creates aging wrinkles; and a series of medical facials, used in combination with a prescription skin care line and anti-oxidants that will help you maintain results for years to come.

Recovery Info

Recovery from a non-surgical facelift is generally mild in comparison to full-blown surgical procedures. The SmartXide DOT™ laserwhich is an innovative new laser designed to restore the skin’s youthful appearance, causes some redness that resolves within four to five days. SmartLipo™ will cause mild swelling, numbness, and occasional bruising. Dermal fillers, such as Botox®, do not require downtime, and you may experience very mild tenderness or bruising at the injection site.

What is the Cost of The FineLift™ in Charlotte?

The price of The FineLift™ varies for each person. The cost depends on the extent of treatment necessary to lift the face. The Refine Institute offers financing options to help you achieve your goals.

Additional Facial Sculpting Options

The Refine Institute provides personalized care to residents of Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding communities in North Carolina and South Carolina with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, call 704-931-8048 to speak with our friendly staff.

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