Belotero® in Charlotte, NC

The Refine Institute provides aesthetic enhancements and Med Spa treatments for patients in Concord, Charlotte, and residents from all over North Carolina and South Carolina. Schedule your consultation today to find out what the Belotero® family of injectable fillers can do to restore a youthful facial appearance.

What is Belotero®?

Belotero® is a popular and trusted family of injectable fillers designed to cover your face’s anti-aging needs. From troublesome, deep wrinkles to fine, superficial lines, there’s a Belotero® that can help you to achieve your ideal smooth and fresh look. Depending on your unique needs, you can either use one Belotero® filler to target an issue such as volume loss, laugh lines, or neck bands, or you can utilize several Belotero® injectables to meet a range of different aesthetic needs.

Belotero® products are hyaluronic acid-based, meaning that they mimic this natural moisture-retaining substance already found in your skin. By replenishing HA in the different layers of your skin, you can achieve results that look youthful, natural, and beautiful. A stronger formula of Belotero® injected into the deeper layers of skin can correct nasolabial folds, neck bands, and the more stubborn areas of the face. A gentler formulation of Belotero® injected into the outer layers of skin can solve the problem of more subtle lines that have appeared on the face with age. The right aesthetic enhancement for you is just a consultation away at The Refine Institute, where we will design a customized plan that will bring you the youthful results you desire.

What are the Benefits of Belotero®?

Patients who receive Belotero® treatment can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Correct stubborn wrinkles and improve deeper folds on the face
  • Restore volume to areas of the face that have sunken with age
  • Fix forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines
  • Results appear natural
  • Outcomes last for months and are a great way to test out what cosmetic surgery procedures can look like without the permanence
  • No downtime and little change to your routine, even on the day of your treatment

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Belotero®?

Patients in good health who wish to correct wrinkles and folds on the face, restore volume, and fix lines are typically great candidates for Belotero®. During a private consultation, the right treatment plan for you can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals for the best possible outcome that you’ll love. Belotero® should not be considered if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a bleeding disorder or a skin infection. Other considerations are best determined by meeting with our friendly and informative experts at The Refine Institute.

What is the Procedure for Belotero®?

The procedure for Belotero® varies patient to patient by the number of injections and the area in which they’ll be performed. Based on your unique treatment plan, a series of injections will be made with a fine needle into layers of the skin. A topical anesthetic is used so that you’ll be kept comfortable and can relax and enjoy the process in our upscale Med Spa. Any aftercare instructions such as avoiding sunlight and refraining from alcohol for the first 24 hours will be provided to you in full at your time of treatment. Since this is a nonsurgical procedure, very little alteration will be needed when it comes to your routine, and you can go about your day uninterrupted. The most common side-effects of swelling, redness, and bruising typically clear up within a few days and are mild in nature.

How Much Does Belotero® Cost in Charlotte?

Due to the customized nature of each Belotero® treatment plan depending on needs and outcome goals, the cost of the procedure will vary. During your consultation, you’ll receive accurate estimates of the costs involved so that you will be fully informed prior to treatment. The Refine Institute proudly offers easy repayment financing plans so that you can afford to look younger and feel better in your own skin.

The Refine Institute offers Belotero® for men and women seeking real anti-aging results in Charlotte, Concord, and various areas of North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact us today at 704-931-8048 to find out more information and schedule a consultation.

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