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Facelift Surgery Facts and FAQs in Charlotte, NC

The number of facelift procedures in the United States declined as minimally invasive facial rejuvenation options, such as Botox® and Juvederm®, became more popular among women and men. In recent years, however, facelift procedures have once again gained popularity driven by the individual’s preference for long-term results.

I’ve seen women who have had facelifts and their hairlines are unnatural. Will this happen with my facelift?

Facelift procedures have improved significantly since the procedure was first introduced in the United States. The incisions are smaller and better positioned to maintain your natural hairline, as well as to easily hide the resulting scars. As a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons able to determine the best technique not only to meet your cosmetic goals, but also to maintain a natural appearance.

Will a facelift improve my neck area?

A facelift is an effective option for improving any loose skin and fatty deposits under your chin and along your jaw line. If you feel that you want more correction than is feasible with a facelift, discuss this with our surgeons and they will help you explore your options.

Will a facelift remove all my lines and wrinkles?

Ultimately, the goal of a facelift is not to make you look twenty years younger, but instead to help you look more rested and refreshed. The reason for this is that most, if not all, patients do not want to look as if they just had facelifts, but instead want to address the signs of aging that make them appear tired, sad, angry, or stressed.

Am I too young for a facelift?

Your age does not necessarily determine if you need a facelift. Instead, the decision to have a facelift should be based on your individual anatomy and cosmetic goals. If you do not need the extent of correction offered by a facelift, we will recommend procedures that are appropriate for you.

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