Expect the Best Dr. Broc Pratt: A Leader in Plastic Surgery Charlotte, NC

It’s an ideal time to undergo plastic surgery. Thanks to advancements and innovations in surgical techniques, plastic surgery is more successful than ever before for achieving flattering, natural-looking rejuvenation for the face and body.Dr. Broc Pratt, The Refine Institute, Charlotte, NC

But not just any plastic surgeon will do. You need a surgeon with the highest level of skill who utilizes precise, delicate techniques to achieve superb results with minimized downtime. You can find that with Dr. Broc Pratt, one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the Southeast.

The Refine Institute is committed to providing you with the best aesthetic care possible. We specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery so that we can offer you the highest level of expertise to enhance any area of your body. From face lifts and hair restoration to breast enhancement and tummy tucks, we can help you achieve your desired contours and renew your confidence.

Dr. Pratt’s surgical training ensures natural-looking improvements without the risk of looking “overdone” or “too-tight.”  By utilizing advanced techniques that minimize side effects such as bleeding and swelling, we can offer exceptional results with reduced downtime.

One size does not fit all when it comes to plastic surgery. We work hard to ensure your treatment is tailored to your exact needs. Discover your personal plan by calling 704.931.8048 or clicking here to schedule a consultation today.

Be the Life of the Party! Tricks for Glowing Holiday Skin Charlotte, NC

When you see gorgeous skin, you remember it. There’s something about it that glows from the inside, a subtle incandescence you can’t quite place. It may seem like magic, but healthy, luminous skin is anything but.

Researchers have pinpointed key ingredients and treatments that are clinically proven to produce younger-looking, healthier skin, and we offer an impressive selection of them! To get your skin glowing, here are some highlights from our skin-renewing menu:Be the Life of the Party! Tricks for Glowing Holiday Skin, Refine Institute, Charlotte, NC

The treatments

Have you heard of Clear + Brilliant®? This non-invasive laser treatment penetrates your skin with powerful light energy. Clear + Brilliant stimulates cellular turnover and new collagen growth, reversing a number of skin concerns without downtime, including age spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. We also offer other effective skin-renewing treatments, including SilkPeel®, Obagi® chemical peels, facials, and microblading. Scheduling a stimulating skin treatment once a season is an easy and affordable way to push the reset button on your skin.


The products

Stick with science by using skin care products backed by years of research and proven results. Thanks to numerous studies, we know that vitamin A is a powerhouse ingredient in skin care. Using products packed with retinol, which is derived from vitamin A, can help thicken skin, improve elasticity, and diminish signs of aging. Antioxidants are also key for halting free-radical damage, a notorious collagen-buster. We offer medical grade skin care by Obagi Medical, a leader in results-driven skin care products.

The #1 daily habit

The most important thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis is protect it from UV damage, which impacts your skin on both cloudy and sunny days. All the best treatments and products mean nothing if you keep damaging your skin with sun exposure. A recent study (which we mentioned a few months back) found that daily sunscreen use can actually make your skin look younger and healthier! Why wouldn’t want to do that?

Incorporating proven treatments and products into your routine will help you achieve the glowing skin of your dreams. Stick with us, the skin experts, for radiant skin this holiday season and all year round! Call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule a consultation.


Tame Your Turkey Neck! Expert Neck Lifts and Laser Lipo Charlotte, NC

Forgive us for using such a silly term—we know a “turkey neck” isn’t all that funny when it’s yours! But if you think your neck area needs some improvement, you’re in good company.Neck Lift, Refine Institute, Dr. Broc, Charlotte, NC

The thin, delicate skin of the neck is often the first area to age, showing every wear and tear. Fortunately, we can help improve your neck and chin profile and restore its youthful elasticity with a neck lift or SmartLipo™, or a combination of both, depending on your needs.

Using the latest techniques, Dr. Pratt performs neck lifts to improve the appearance of the neck by gently lifting and smoothing skin. With great precision and care, Dr. Pratt can reposition sagging, loose neck skin and reduce your turkey wattle for good.

Dr. Pratt can also improve your neck profile by reducing excess fat under the chin with SmartLipo, a form of laser liposuction that removes excess fat through a small incision. SmartLipo uses a laser to first liquefy fat before removal, which eases the fat-removal process and offers the added benefit of tightening the surrounding skin. Your profile will appear slimmer, smoother, and tighter for years to come.

SmartLipo works wonders for the neck and chin, but it can be used for other areas of the body, including the thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. Increasing numbers of men with gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts, are also enjoying amazing improvements to their chest contours thanks to SmartLipo.

Because SmartLipo involves a smaller incision, it affords a speedier recovery than traditional lipo. With less downtime, you can easily fit SmartLipo into your busy schedule and be back on your feet in no time.

For more information on SmartLipo or neck lifts, call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule a consultation.

Simplify for a Sensational Holiday Season!

With the holidays upon us, we bet your to-do list is starting to grow, not to mention your stress level. So you can shine instead of wilting away from exhaustion this hectic holiday season, we’ve compiled some expert tips for curbing stress, boosting your serenity, and bringing out your inner glow.

Simplify, Refine Institute, Charlotte, NC

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Anything you can do to lighten your load and save yourself time is a winning stress solution. You can start by streamlining your health care! Join our new patient portal—a quick, easy, and private way to manage your health. Our patient portal offers easy access to appointments, paperwork, messages, and much more! With a secure login, your records will be kept strictly confidential, as always.


But not just any old breathing will do. Long, slow exhales can slow down your heart rate and help you calm down. When you feel stressed, remember to pause and take a few mindful breaths. The trick is to exhale twice as long as you inhale.

Be helpful

The quickest way to boost your mood and curb stress isn’t spending money on yourself. Research on happiness suggests that helping others will make you feel happier than splurging on a pair of designer jeans. And being helpful is easier than you think! According to the experts, smiling is one of the easiest and most effective mood boosters! Your smile is contagious and encourages other people to smile, too. Smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, sends a signal to your brain that it’s happy, and consequently improves your mood. So when you smile, you could be boosting your own mood as well as the mood of countless other people without even realizing it!

Keep it simple and be sensational this season! For more information on our services, call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule a consultation today.

Top Myths Debunked: Botox and Dermal Fillers Charlotte, NC

In our line of work, we get to learn a lot of neat things about you during your treatments. We also get to know your fears regarding certain cosmetic treatments. Some of the most common concerns we hear relate to injectable treatments like Botox® and dermal fillers. At The Refine Institute, we get asked certain questions so frequently that we were inspired to write a blog addressing them! 

Here’s a look at three of the most commonly asked questions about injectables and our knowledgeable answers to ease your concerns!

Will Botox freeze my face?

Botox works by relaxing the muscle activity underlying your wrinkles. That frozen look you fear has been perpetuated by the fact that once Botox relaxes targeted muscles, you are less able to move them. But a relaxed muscle does not look frozen or fake. The action—or lack thereof—is under the skin and invisible to the naked eye.

Will dermal fillers make me look fake?

It takes a lot of dermal filler (and let us repeat—a lot) to create that fake and overfilled look you see all over reality TV! Done correctly by the injectable experts at The Refine Insitute, your dermal filler treatment will subtly restore lost facial volume and gently smooth away lines and wrinkles for a younger-looking, revitalized complexion. The only way you will look fake is if you intentionally seek treatment that produces those results.

Will I be covered in bruises?

Any injection in the skin has the ability to produce a bruise. That said, our dermal fillers and Botox treatments are highly tolerated with minimal to no downtime. In other words, most of our patients can get an injectable treatment on their lunch hour and return to their regular day no worse for the wear. We will take every precaution to ensure your treatment has as few side effects as possible by using a gentle hand and icing your treatment areas before and after your injections to minimize swelling and bruising.

Stick with the experts at The Refine Institute for safe, exquisite beauty treatments. Learn more about injectables by calling 704.931.8048 or clicking here to schedule a consultation today.

Enhancing At-Home Skin Care New Medical-Grade Products at The Refine Institute! Charlotte, NC

Achieving a radiant complexion isn’t about how much money you spend or the number of times you wash your face. It’s about the quality of your skin care. At The Refine Institute, we understand skin, and we know how to bring out its best: results-driven, science-based products and treatments of the highest quality.

We are thrilled to share that we’ve expanded our selection of Obagi® Medical skin care products, a trusted line of skin care based on years of research and proven results. Here’s a quick look at our new Obagi offerings:

  • KèraPhine™ Body Smoothing Lotion exfoliates the outermost layer of dead skin cells, smoothing away rough spots and bumps to reveal hydrated, healthy-looking skin all over the body.
  • Professional-C™ Peptide Complex helps to improve the appearance of firmness, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles with potent skin-renewing ingredients like vitamin C and other plant-based nutrients.
  • Obagi360® Exfoliating Cleanser works on the surface of skin and deep below to help clear clogged pores and diminish dull, uneven skin tone.
  • CLENZIderm M.D.™ Therapeutic Lotion is a lightweight acne-fighting formula containing 5% benzoyl peroxide solution for potent yet gentle blemish-clearing action.
  • Skin Rejuvenating Serum is part of Obagi’s Gentle Rejuvenation, a line specially formulated to cleanse, calm, protect, and correct sensitive skin. This serum contains a rare Swiss apple stem cell extract to help speed cellular turnover and boost your skin’s luminosity.
  • Clear Fx™ helps to brighten skin and enhance a more-evenly toned complexion with arbutin, a phytochemical and natural brightening agent found in the bearberry plant.

We can’t wait to help you discover the benefits of Obagi skin care for yourself! Call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule a consultation today.

Dynamic Duos in Beauty Why Combination Treatments Are Hot Charlotte, NC

We love a good pairing. From PB & J to movies and popcorn, certain things just work better together, and cosmetic treatments are no exception. Combining cosmetic treatments affords many advantages, from enhancing your results to saving valuable time. And we’re not the only ones who think so!

Did you know that combination treatments are a big trend in aesthetic medicine right now, according to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery? Apparently, more people than ever before are opting for combination therapies. At The Refine Institute, we frequently combine aesthetic treatments to save you time and get the best possible results. Here are just a few of our most popular combinations:

Botox and Dermal Fillers

The world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment is Botox®, an injectable treatment that smooths forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet by relaxing the muscle activity underlying wrinkles. Dermal fillers are the second-most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment, plumping up skin and restoring lost volume with a smooth, hyaluronic acid-based gel. Combining the two is a match made in heaven! It’s hard to beat this dynamic duo for their overall rejuvenating benefits.

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Microdermabrasion removes the outermost layer of your skin, clearing away dead, dull skin cells and revealing a fresh layer of new skin. Microdermabrasion is the perfect preparation for a chemical peel by creating a fresh, smooth canvas that is perfectly primed for optimal absorption of the peel’s skin-renewing ingredients.

Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

Sagging is a natural consequence of gravity and the aging process, which is why breast lifts are so popular. For many women considering breast enhancement surgery, adding a breast lift to their augmentation can help to achieve their desired look of fullness and balance.

Are ready to find your winning combination? Call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule your consultation today.

Expect the Best Expert Fat Grafting Results with Minimal Downtime Charlotte, NC

Is volume loss getting you down? And we mean that literally! As you age, your body’s collagen production slows, causing areas of the face to fall and subtly sink in. Fortunately, restoring your youthful contours is a lot easier than you may think, thanks to advancements in fat transfer, or LipoStructure®. 

Did you know that Dr. Broc Pratt is one of only a handful of surgeons in North Carolina who is trained in the latest advancements in facial sculpting? What this means to you, our esteemed patients, is aesthetic care you can trust, nothing short of superb results, and minimized downtime so you can quickly return to your life.

Dr. Pratt specializes in creating a natural and refreshed appearance by strategically restoring volume to depressed areas of the face using a select combination of leading techniques, including fat transfer, dermal fillers, and lasers. Because no two faces age the same way, Dr. Pratt carefully studies each client during a pre-treatment consultation—paying close attention to the unique characteristics of skin, muscle, and bone structure—so that he can tailor the procedure to each client’s highly specific needs.

Dr. Pratt is highly adept at rejuvenating the face with minimal downtime by employing the most recent advances in fat grafting to minimize bruising, swelling, or bleeding under the skin.

Are you interested in plumping up skin, filling in acne scars, and rejuvenating your overall appearance? To discover how a fat transfer may improve your life, call 704.931.8048 or click here for a consultation.

You Finally Lost the Weight! Now What? Charlotte, NC

It’s the part of dieting you don’t often hear about—what happens to your body after you’ve lost the weight. As Life after Weight Loss Surgery in Charlotte, NCamazing and transformative as it is, significant weight loss can also result in unflattering side effects, including loose, sagging skin and drooping, wrinkled body contours.

To help restore your body’s symmetry and balance, Dr. Broc Pratt offers a variety of solutions, including tummy tuck, breast lift, breast reduction, arm lift, and thigh lift.

Life-After-Weight-Loss Surgery at The Refine Institute is as varied as the people who seek it, which is why no two treatments are alike. Some patients only need minor tweaking in their bellies or thighs, while others achieve amazing results with a combination of surgeries to restore a healthy-looking vibrance to the skin and balanced body contours.

Dr. Pratt is highly skilled in the latest techniques to ensure your results are superb with minimal downtime. We can also help you maintain your results with dietary advice and periodic maintenance treatments like laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

Congratulations on losing the weight! Your next step is making the most of your incredible results. We can help. Call us at 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule your consultation today!

Ready for a Facelift without Surgery? The Fine Lift in Charlotte, NC

Thanks to advancements in aesthetic medicine, there are more options than ever before for creating a younger-Facelift in Charlotte, NClooking appearance and looking your absolute best at any stage in life. For our clients who yearn to turn back the clock without undergoing the lengthy downtime and risk of surgery, we offer The Fine Lift in Charlotte.

The Fine Lift is a combination of less invasive technologies that are tailored to your specific needs, including SmartLipo™, injectables, medical facials, prescription skin care products, and antioxidants. Here’s a breakdown of each Fine Lift service:


This highly effective, trusted form of laser lipo can remove fat and tighten the surrounding skin of the jowl area through a minor incision. (SmartLipo is also highly effective in other areas of the body.) With minimal downtime, SmartLipo is aptly named for being a smart body contouring tool. For the chin and neck area, it can reveal a more defined, younger-looking profile for years to come.


With minimal to no downtime, injectables are another tried-and-true anti-aging tool. Botox® can take years off your appearance by relaxing the muscle activity underlying lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Dermal fillers can restore volume to recessed contours of the face that have lost collagen, plumping up and smoothing skin for a thoroughly rejuvenated, refreshed look.

Medical facials

With prescription-level products that produce real results, we perform medical facials to enhance the quality of your skin, evening pigmentation, smoothing away roughness, and diminishing lines, wrinkles, and pores.

Skin Care

At-home skin care products can help you maintain your gorgeous results. We will send you home fully stocked with potent skin care, including Obagi® Medical and Colorescience®, to enhance your results for years to come.

Ready for a lift without the downtime? Call 704.931.8048 or click here to schedule your consultation today!