More Men in Cosmetic Medicine

It’s an exciting time for men in the cosmetic world. More than ever before, men are seeking aesthetic treatments to meet their self-improvement goals. Here’s a look at three treatments skyrocketing in popularity across the nation. Gynecomastia surgery Did you … Continue reading

Make 2018 Your Best! Charlotte, NC

Here’s a surprising New Year’s fact: Despite the bad rap that resolutions get, they are rather good for you! One study found that resolution-makers are ten times more likely to succeed than people who don’t make resolutions. Isn’t that amazing? … Continue reading

Expect the Best Dr. Broc Pratt: A Leader in Plastic Surgery Charlotte, NC

It’s an ideal time to undergo plastic surgery. Thanks to advancements and innovations in surgical techniques, plastic surgery is more successful than ever before for achieving flattering, natural-looking rejuvenation for the face and body. But not just any plastic surgeon … Continue reading

Be the Life of the Party! Tricks for Glowing Holiday Skin Charlotte, NC

When you see gorgeous skin, you remember it. There’s something about it that glows from the inside, a subtle incandescence you can’t quite place. It may seem like magic, but healthy, luminous skin is anything but. Researchers have pinpointed key … Continue reading

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